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Collab: 'So you do like her..' by RebelWinxGirl Collab: 'So you do like her..' by RebelWinxGirl
XD so I did this twice & even though I might be selling Ana, if nobody buys her I will keep her.

Ana is sometimes unable to keep her mouth shut and can be a tad insensitive. I was going to do her original, old casual, but I decided a fresh new look was in order for this collab, with my friend WhisperingIllusion (it's an open collab btw) and excuse the glasses, I can't draw freaking eyes :/ I tried a tutorial but no results ^^; 

Ana was following Joe as she met up with Nelly. After Joe left, Ana kept following her until she came out from her hiding spot.
Bullet Blue = Ana
Bullet; Yellow = Joe

Bullet Blue *comes out from hiding spot* so you do like her *smiles*
Bullet; Yellow W-where did you come from?!
Bullet Blue *looks embarrassed* sorry..
Bullet; Yellow *begins to recover* I-it's okay..

Bullet Blue Joe pleeasseee tell me, do you like her?
Bullet; Yellow *Joe sighs and thinks 'someone help me..'*

:XD: not the best story I've ever written but I tried Otome Sparkleeye Icon 

Bullet Pink Bracelet, skirt by MiaEnchantedFairy 
Bullet Purple Collab by WhisperingIllusion (open collab)
Bullet Pink Sprinkle texture, background from S4 pack & S6 background packs by TheDamnedFairy (I think :-? )
MoonRose51 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2018
She has the same (nick)name as me XDXD (Btw, it's Ana from Amino)
RebelWinxGirl Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2018  Student Digital Artist
XD well, I thought of her name back in September which was wayy before I met you, I think. And I didn't know you were on dA!
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